E-pex Apex Locator



  • Latest Generation Apex Locator
  • Based on advanced multi-frequency network impedance measurement technology
  • LCD Display: Bright and clear display
  • High precision of apical foramen localization in wet and dry canals
  • Automatic calibration: Ensures stable and accurate measurements
  • Compact size and stable design allows for excellent flexibility during procedures


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E-pex Apex Locator

Smart Accurate and Reliable Apex Locator

  • Advanced multi-frequency technology
  • High precision in wet & dry canals
  • Powerful 1600 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Compact size & stable design
  • Automatic calibration
  • Large 3.5‘’ LCD display

Screen Display and Its Meaning

Display Display 1 Display 2 Display 3 Display 4
Value 12 09 00 -3
Meaning The corresponding scale value is 2, indicating the distance from the apex is about 2mm It indicates that the distance from the apex is about 1.5mm It indicates that the endofile has reached the apex It indicates that the root canal file has exceeded the apex
Alarm Beep alarm sound for a long time interval Beep alarm sound interval becomes short Uninterrupted long beep Very rapid beep alarm sound


Integrate Endomotor with E-pex Apex Locator (Connect Function)

  • Auto start & stop
  • Apical reverse
  • Apical slow down


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