Neospray- Hand-piece Lubrication Spray

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Neospray is a high-performance, non-toxic, odourless, colourless and tasteless lubricant solution for cleaning and lubricating dental instruments with care. Leading Technologies for The 1st Time in Dentistry


  • Effective lubrication and reduced debris collection
  • Protects from corrosion, reduces friction & wear rate increasing the lifespan of the instruments


  • For high-speed, low-speed dental hand-piece equipment like air turbine, air motor, heads, prophy angle/ contra-angle etc

Net Contents:

  • Main Unit – 500ml
  • Nozzle

Net Qty. 1 Unit

MRP (Incl of all taxes): ₹ 1,215

  • Price/ml: ₹ 3

Country of Origin: India
Manufactured by: Orikam Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.
(#9753, 3rd Floor, Arogyam Building, Subhash Nagar, Gurgaon 122001)

In Case of Complaints and Feedback: call +91 1244361189, +91 9560394007 or Email at [email protected]




Brief Guide to Clean Your Endomotor:-

Step 1- Detach the contra-angle from the motor hand-piece and clean the surface

Step 2- Connect one end of the nozzle (comes with the motor) to Neospray and the other (black ring end) to the base of the contra-angle. They should fit well.

Step 3- Cover the contra-angle surface with tissue paper and while holding the Neospray bottle upright- spray for 2-3 seconds with full pressure.

Step 4- Keep wiping off the debris that oozes out of the shank side and repeat until clear oil comes out.

Step 5- Wipe off excess oil from the surface and position the contra-angle vertically for 2-3 hours to allow excess oil to drain out.

Step 6- Shrink-wrap the contra-angle in sterile barrier packages. At a temperature of 135 degrees C, the sterilization time is at least 4 minutes and at 121 degrees C, it is at least 35 minutes. Drying time for at least 15 minutes.

The handle/ plastic body is NOT approved for device-based cleaning (washer-disinfector) and sterilization.


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