iLaser 1


iLaser 1 – The World’s First Smart Triple Wavelength Diode Laser

  • Blue Wavelength 450nm
    Tooth Whitening
    Hemostasis pretty high photon energy for
    activating the molecules of whitening gel
    Efficiency of all dental diode laser
  • Infrared Wavelength 980nm
    Soft tissue surgical procedure, Endo & Perio
    Efficiency and Coagulation (Hemostasis) at very low power settings
    High efficiency of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
    High-power laser treatment(HPLT)
    Pain reduction in TMJ
  • Red Wavelength 650nm
    Perfect for Photomodulation(PBI)
    Low-Level Laser Therapy(LLLT)
    Faster Wound Healing
    Pain-free Dental Treatments
  • Personal Laser Device
    No external power cord or foot pedal needed during
    use-increase mobility & portability.
    (You can also connect a laser launch pedal, there are
    two modes to choose freely)The built-in long-life lithium
    battery can last for one month on a single charge.
  • 7-inch Touch Screen:
    Works with wet hands & medical gloves
  • Multifunctional
    More than 10 built-in preset programs
  • Triple Wavelength
    450nm + 650nm + 980nm
  • Easy to operate
    Handpiece has a power adjustment button
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Wavelength:                             450nm/650nm/980nm
Wavelength & Max. Power : 450nm: 3W CW; 5W Pulse
650nm: 400mW CW
980nm: 8W CW/Pulse
Emission Mode :                    CW/ Pulse
Medium :                                 InGAsP Diode
Optic Fiber Diameter:           200/400um
Pulse Width :                          10us 900ms
Super High Frequency :       50KHz
Display :                                  7″ OLED Touch-Screen
Dimension :                            190mm*155mm*260mm
Weight :                                   1.5Kg
Aiming Laser Wave Length: 650nm
Battery :                                   Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion
Battery Capacity :                  7200mAh


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