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E-connect S

Cordless Endomotor with built-in apex locator, E-connect S is feature rich device from Eighteeth. Brushless motor, ATC mode, flexible reciprocation angles, speed upto 1000 RPM, torque and apical reversal are just some of the most talked about.

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Ultra X

Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation

Dr Rio Suryantoro

Broken Instrument Removal

Dr Layouni Med Sahbi

GP Removal

Dr Rio Suryantoro

ENDY 6200

The star product in the Ionyx range, the Endy 6200 brings together a micromotor and an apex locator. This is the ideal partner for any general dental practitioner, and is fitted with a slow-speed reverse system that lets you withdraw the instrument without sending debris back towards the apex.

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Compact, perfectly balanced motor, with white LED light, is equipped with a slow speed return system


Fully digital, instantaneous measurement, combined with visibility angle > than 160°

IRS Superior

The rugged yet simplistic design of the IRS Superior Edition makes obstruction removal less challenging


Rotary file system for root canal preparation with reciprocal movement


NiTi rotary instruments with high flexibility and inactive tip reduce the risk of perforating the root canal


The successor to the WIZARD Navigator, the most noticeable change being material – thermal treated NiTi


EDM Technology based NiTi rotary file, single-instrument based technique for the shaping of root canal in continuous rotation

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Romidan RomiApex A-15 among Top 25 Endo Products – DentistryToday.com

RomiApex A-15 is a portable, microcomputer-controlled apex locator that is a modern device engineered for precise apex localization during all conditions of root canal treatment. It has proven precision measurements to 0.25 mm in all conditions. The portable unit provides graphic display and audio where the current position of the endo file is reflected.