NanoPix X-ray Sensor

Intra Oral Sensor

E-connect & E-pex

Endomotor with Apex Locator


3D Obturation Device

Fast Pack Pro, Fast Fill & Ultra X

Apex Locator

E-pex & Airpex


Lightcure Device

Curing Pen & Curing Pen-E

Neoendo Files

Rotary File


Impression Materials

Neoalgin & Neopure

Our Product Review

Neoendo Flex Files Review by Dr. Prerna from Dr. Prerna Dental Hub, Rohini, Delhi

Neopure A-Silicone impression material review by Dr. Megha Sethi, Uttar Pradesh

Neopure C-Silicone Impression Material review by Dr. Prashant Gupta, Uttar Pradesh

Neoalgin- Alginate Impression material review by Dr. Kanika Sharma Mohapatra, Rajasthan

Helios 600 – Intraoral Scanner review by Dr. Saurav Srivastav

Nanopix X-ray Sensor Review by Dr. Vijay Kant Sharma from Haryana

E-pex Apex Locator review by Dr. Prashant Gupta, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

3D Obturation Devices Review by Dr. Shakir Khan, Endodontist, Nandgram

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Compact, perfectly balanced motor, with white LED light, is equipped with a slow speed return system


Fully digital, instantaneous measurement, combined with visibility angle > than 160°

IRS Superior

The rugged yet simplistic design of the IRS Superior Edition makes obstruction removal less challenging


Rotary file system for root canal preparation with reciprocal movement


NiTi rotary instruments with high flexibility and inactive tip reduce the risk of perforating the root canal


The successor to the WIZARD Navigator, the most noticeable change being material – thermal treated NiTi