Ultra-X – Cordless Ultrasonic Activation Device


Ultra X works at 45 kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilize the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas (≥35%) of the complex canal system. It can be applied to

  • disrupt the smear layer and open up the plugged tubules
  • amplify the efficiency of irrigants
  • GP removal
  • broken instrument retrieval

The device comes with 6 tips (2 Silver, 2 Blue, 2 Gold)

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In Action-

  • Cavitation Effect: It is the process of formation of millions of gas bubbles in the irrigation solution. These bubbles grow in size, oscillate in directions & explode into the liquid, producing powerful cleaning action.
  • Acoustic Streaming: It is a unidirectional flow of liquid produced by ultrasonic waves. Movement of tip produces special effect called acoustic turbulence which accelerates the movement of liquid inside the root canal.


  • Smear Layer Removal: Effective in the removal of smear layer and unplugging of dentinal tubules
  • Dentin Chips Removal: Ultrasonic agitation forms a suspension of residual dentinal chips and tissue remnants with irrigant and facilitates their easy removal
  • Biofilm Disruption: Ultrasonic cavitation disrupts the biofilm and helps to reduce bacteria load in the canal
  • Cleaning of Complex Anatomy: Ultrasonic activation helps irrigants to flush into undetected or un-instrumented canal anatomy like an isthmus, fins, lateral canals, apical ramification, etc. Also helps to remove vapour lock


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