iLaser 2


iLaser 2 – Dental Diode Laser

  • Combining power and portability into a tiny design No need to connect external power or laser irradiation pedals, maximizing mobility box portabilityEasy to operate, everyone can learn to use it Smart key-soft ignition technology ensures smooth laser switching. Built-in smart memory chip,no need to wait to power on, no burden-some settingsMore accurate and more comfortableThe laser power automatic control function adopts PID algorithm to form a closed-loop control,which can automatically control the laser power.Many functions are at your fingertipsThe working power and transmission mode can be easily adjusted

    to meet the needs of various clinical applications.

    Fiber Optic Tip Models of Dental Diode Laser

    Oral surgery

    Abscess, crown elongation, fibroma, labioglossectomy, gingival resection, gingival plasty, leukoplakia,

    mucocele, secondary implant exposure, orthodontic eruption, gingival retraction.

    Laser therapy

    Oral ulcer, herpes, periimplantitis, temporomandibular arthritis, hemostasis and coagulation,

    tooth whitening.



    Sterilization of root canal and pulp amputation.


    Curettage of periodontal pocket and periodontal sterilization.

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Dual wavelength :         650nm+980nm

Laser power         :         0.5W-5W

Emission mode             Continuous mode and pulse mode

Laser type             :         Type IV, InGaAs diode laser

Optic fiber diameter:   200/400 um

User interface      :         OLED display screen

Aiming laser wave length:  650nm

Dimension            :         190mm *l7mm

Weight                  :          106g

Work power supply    Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery


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