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  • J1 & J1 Plus Airotors- Patented Bur-Lock Technology Handpiece
  • J45 Airotors- 45° Degree Surgical Handpiece
  • J5 Airotors- LED Handpiece 2.0
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J1 & J1 Plus Airotors- Patented Bur-Lock Technology Handpiece

– Push-button Type
– Super Torque Cutting
– The Global Unique Patent Technology
– Triple Water Spray (Separated Water & Air)

The global unique patent technology makes sure bur doesn’t fly out

Automatic locking push button spindle, researched and developed by Jinme, with built-in Precision Miniature Spring. The micro-spring exerts pretension force on the chuck that ensures that the bur is held tightly when the handpiece rotates in high speed, preventing bur from flying out.

Strong cutting power

JINME hand-piece has an obvious advantage in cutting efficiency when compared with similar products in the market. This strong cutting power improves the efficiency of a dentist’s treatment and shortens patient’s in-chair time.

Triple water spray

Triple water spray technology provides better cooling effect, making the procedure smooth and also comfortable for the patient.

Long life span Adopted

German miniature typical gasket provides a long-life guarantee of the handpiece.

Titanium coated body

Titanium material is healthier and more environmentally friendly than ordinary chrome coating.

J45 Airotor- 45° Degree Surgical Handpiece

45° surgical handpiece is characterized by stable rotation, with no high air pressure underneath the handpiece head & good performance in cooling effect. It can be used in any dental surgical procedure, especially applicable to alveolar bone removal, cutting and separating of impacted teeth in the posterior area.
– J45 TU
– J45 TUP
– With LED
– Limited Vibration
– 100% Rear-exhaustion
– With Special Tungsten Steel Bur

J5 Airotor- LED Handpiece 2.0

Never Ever Damaged LED- Lamp Beads That Can Undergo 135°C Sterilization
– German Bearing
– Zero-retraction System, Zero Pollution
– Triple Water Spray (Separated Water & Air)
– New Lamp Beads Can Work at Higher Temperatures

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J1, J1 Plus, J45, J5


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