• E-connect & E-pex- Cordless Endomotor & Apex Locator Combo E-connect & E-pex- Cordless Endomotor & Apex Locator Combo

    E-connect & E-pex

    Cordless Endomotor with Apex Locator Buy Only Endomotor- E-connect Buy Only Apex Locator- E-pex
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  • E-connect Pro cordless endomotor E-connect Cordless Endomotor
    • Automatic Torque Calibration
    • Powerful 1500 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
    • Digital OLED Display
    • Integration Option
    • Low Noise Motor
    • Screen Cast / Mirroring
    • Ambidextrous Display
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  • E-xtreme | Cordless Endomotor | Orikam E-xtreme- Light-weight Cordless Endomotor
    E-xtreme Cordless Endomotor - The Smaller, lighter & quieter cordless device that you have been waiting for. Model: E-xtreme Weight: 100 gram Torque range: 0.5 Ncm-4.0 Ncm Power supply: 100 V-240 V Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz Speed: Upto 650 rpm Output: DC 5 V/ 1 A
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  • E-CONNECT S | Cordless Endomotor | Apex Locator | Orikam E-connect S- Cordless Endomotor with Built-in Apex Locator
    E-CONNECT S - Cordless endomotor with standalone apex locator A sneak peek at the new features: 1. Brushless Motor 2. Continuous Rotation- Speed 120 to 1000 RPM 3. Reciprocation - Adjustable speed - Adjustable angles from 30 to 370 4. Apex Locator- Works as a stand-alone apex locator 5. Software - Can be upgraded to the latest version with USB - Pre-loaded with all major file systems, which can be further customized
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