• Neocem Glass Ionomer Cement

     800 1,300

    Neocem- Glass Ionomer Cement- Luting & Lining

    Luting & Lining glass ionomer cement. Powder contains a mixture of Silica and fluorides of aluminum, calcium & sodium. Liquid contains polyacrylic acid and copolymer in water. Indications of Neocem:- 
    • Used for cementation of metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns, bridges, inlays
    • Cementation of stainless steel crowns
    • For cementation of orthodontic appliances retained with stainless steel crowns
    • Cementation of orthodontic bands
    • As Base or liner under restoration

    Neocem- Universal Restorative Glass Ionomer Cement- High Strength

    Universal restorative glass ionomer cement. Powder contains mixture of Silica and fluorides of aluminum, calcium & sodium. Liquid contains polyacrylic acid and copolymer in water. Indications of Neocem:-
    • Restoration of deciduous teeth.
    • Core build-up
    • For atraumatic restorative treatment
    • Mixing Time 23°C Working time B 23°C Setting time B 23°C
    • Restorations of Class III, V, and limited Class I cavities.
    • Used in lamination/sandwich technique
    Technical Specifications:-
    • Mixing Time 23°C
    • Working time B 23°C
    • Setting time B 23°C
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    Neoendo Gutta Percha Points

     190 380

    Neoendo Gutta Percha Constant Taper

    • ISO Specifications
    • Length Marked
    • Colour Coded
    • Hand Rolled
    • Made of the Finest Materials
    • Sizes- 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 15-40 Assorted
    • Taper- 2%, 4%, 6%
    • Points- 60 Points & 120 Points Packaging

    Neoendo Gutta Percha Variable Taper

    • Appropriate Stiffness & Flexibility
    • Excellent Radiopacity
    • 4 Years Shelf Life
    • Color Coded
    • Length Marked
    • Sizes- F1, F2 & F3
    • Points- 60 Points Packaging
  • Neoendo Absorbent Paper Points

     190 260

    Neoendo Constant Taper Paper Point

    • Sterile
    • Colour Coded
    • Length Marked
    • Consistency in Size & Shape
    • Uniformly Rolled for Close Tolerance

    Neotaper Variable Taper Paper Points

    • Highly Absorbent
    • Sterilized
    • 5 Years Shelf Life
    • Color Coded
    • Length Marked
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  • Neoedta- Gel Lubricate
    • Prevents risk of instrument fracture
    • Helps in the smooth working of endodontic files
    • Easy preparation of calcified canals
    • Helps to remove the inorganic substance by chelation
    • Carbamide peroxide creates an effervescence effect with water and sodium hypochlorite
    • Helps in easy removal of vital and necrotic pulp tissue remnant, debris & dentinal flakes
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  • Neoedta Liquid Indications
    • Surface preparation of canal
    • Debridement of canal
    • Smear layer removal
    • Unclogging of dentinal tubules
    • Removes inorganic substances like dentinal chips & facilitates their easy removal by chelation of calcium ions
    • Effective in the removal of smear layer and unplugging of dentinal tubules-enhances adhesion of filling material like a sealer
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  • Indications of Neocal
    • Temporary root canal filling material
    • Pulp capping
    • Weeping canals
    • Root resorption cases
    Advantages of Neocal
    • Premixed Formulation: Saves time and has an easy application
    • Paste Type Consistency: Provides superior control during application
    • Water Soluble Paste: Helps in easy cleaning and removal from a canal
    • Temporary Filling: Temporary filling material between appointments
    • High pH: High pH of >12.5 creates unfavorable environment for microbes
    • High Radiopacity: Helps in radiological examination
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  • Indications
    • Temporary & long term root canal filling material
    • Apexification
    • Pulp capping
    • Weeping canals & exudation control
    • Root resorption cases
    • Periapical lesions
    • Non-hardening oil-based paste
    • Specially designed dispensing tips
    • Easy handling and straightforward application
    • Radio opaque formulation with Barium sulfate
    • Best rheology gives a smooth and complete filling
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  • Neodetect- Micronized Methylene Blue Solution
    • Use to identify root canal orifices during endodontic treatment
    • Helps to detect enamel and dentinal cracks
    • To detect dentinal fractures
    • Quantity: 2gm
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  • Neosol


    • Softening of gutta percha based obturating materials during the root canal retreatment procedures


    • 100% natural
    • Non-toxic
    • Biocompatible
    • Only 2 drops needed
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  • Neotemp


    • Neotemp  is the temporary filling material of cavities before the permanent restoration
    • Cementing material for temporary crowns 


    • Self-curing in cavity
    • Excellent adhesion with dentin
    • High marginal seal
    • Leakproof formulation
    • Long-lasting
    • Easy application and removal
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  • Neoetch Gel


    • Composite restorations 
    • Adhesive cementation of inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, posts & cores, splints, pit and fissure sealing
    • Bonding of orthodontic attachments (e.g. brackets) 


    • High etching rate 
    • Removes contaminants
    • Aids wettability
    • Achieves high bond strength
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  • Neospray is a high-performance, non-toxic, odorless, colorless and tasteless lubricant solution for cleaning and lubricating dental instruments with care. Leading Technologies for The 1st Time in Dentistry Advantages
    • Effective lubrication and reduced debris collection
    • Protects from corrosion, reduces friction & wear-rate increasing the lifespan of the instruments
    • For high-speed, low-speed dental hand-piece equipment like air turbine, air motor, heads, prophy angle/ contra-angle etc
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