• Neoendo Flex Rotary File Authentication | Orikam Neoendo Flex- Triangular Cross-section Flexible Rotary Files
    Neoendo Flex Rotary Files
    • NiTi Endodontic Rotary Files
    • Utilize a proprietary heat treatment
      • Tough file with unique flexibility
      • Flutes do not open up when stress levels are reached
      • Yet, doesn’t present shape memory
    • Cross-section – Triangular rotary files with sharp cutting edges
    • Non-cutting safety tip
    • Most cases require just 2 to 3 rotary files
    • Simple usage protocol
    • Speed: 350 RPM
    • Torque: 1.5 Ncm
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  • Neoendo K-File- Used For Canal Negotiation | Orikam Neoendo K-Files Hand Files


    • Material- Stainless steel
    • ISO color-coded hand end made up of plastic with serration for better grip
    • Passivated to prevent rusting
    • Cross section- Square cross section
    • Tip- Non-active
    • High elastic & tensile strength
    • Less potential of file separation
    • Motion- Use in watch-winding & pulling motion
    • Depth markings- For easy identification of length while working
    Technical Features:
    • Length : 21, 25 mm
    • ISO Sizes: 6 to 40
    • Taper of 2%
    • Packaging : x 6 Pcs
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  • Neoalgin is a high-precision alginate impression material for the detailed reproduction of dental impressions. Features
    • Colour change pattern: Non-chromatic (no colour change)
    • Sky blue colour
    • Spearmint flavor for high acceptance
    • Dust-free formulation
    • Thixotropic
    • Normal working and setting time
    • Simple and fast mixing without bubbles
    • Suitable for manual or automatic mixing
    • Safe disinfection
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  • Neoendo S- S-Shaped Cross-section Rotary Files

    Neoendo S

    • S-shaped cross-section
    • Progressively increasing pitch avoids the screw-in effect
    • Sharp cutting flutes for better cutting efficiency
    • Excellent flexibility
    • Safety non-cutting tip minimizes the risk of ledge formation
    • High fracture resistance
    • 2 files for most cases
    • 6 files/pack
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  • Neotaper Rotary File | Neoendo | Orikam Neotaper- Variable Taper Rotary Files
    • Neotaper Rotary Files shares the same fundamental metallurgy, heat treatment, and triangular cross-section as Neoendo Flex File with a new sequence of variable taper files
    • High Cutting Efficiency
    • Minimally Invasive
    • Ideal Balance of Strength and Flexibility
    • CTA Wire – Controlled Thermal Activation
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  • NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor

    NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor

     79,000 99,500

    NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor

    • What makes NanoPix the best intraoral sensor out there?
      • The thinnest X-Ray sensor ever- 4.4mm
      • 1/10th cost per patient compared to film
      • 3s to complete image processing
      • 50,000+ exposures with no quality loss
      • 70,000+ bending tests passed
      • Automatic Exposure Detection
      • APS CMOS technology for high signal-to-noise ratio
      • User friendly 4 step software
      • True resolution of 20 lp/mm
      • AD conversion- 16 bit
      • IP68- highest water and dust protection rating
      • 5 year warranty (except physical damage) on sensor
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  • Neopure- A & C Silicone Impression Materials Neopure- A & C Silicone Impression Materials

    Neopure- A-silicone Impression Material

    Neopure is a range of addition-cured (A-Silicone) vinyl polysiloxane impression materials. Look forward to high precision work owing to Neopure's high hydrophilicity, great linear dimensional stability and excellent tear resistance. Packaging:-
    • Putty : 1x 400gm Base, 1x 400gm Catalyst
    • Light Body : 2x 78gm Cartridge, 12 Mixing Tips, 12 Intra-oral Tips
    • Bite Registration : 2x 78gm Cartridge, 12 Mixing Tips, 12 Intra-oral Tips
    • Kit : 1x 400gm Base, 1x 400gm Catalyst, 2x 78gm Cartridge, 12 Mixing Tips, 12 Intra-oral Tips

    Neopure C-Silicone Impression Material

    Description Neopure C-Silicone is a range of Rubber Based condensation Impression Material. High viscosity condensation polysiloxare (base) is recommended for the two-phase technique (double step impression) in combination with Neopure C-Silicone Light Body. Packaging:-
    • Putty- 1500gm
    • Catalyst- 70gm
    • Light Body Tube- 140gm
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  • E-connect & E-pex- Cordless Endomotor & Apex Locator Combo E-connect & E-pex- Cordless Endomotor & Apex Locator Combo

    E-connect & E-pex

    Cordless Endomotor with Apex Locator Buy Only Endomotor- E-connect Buy Only Apex Locator- E-pex
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  • E-pex Pro Apex Locator E-pex Apex Locator


    • Latest Generation Apex Locator
    • Based on advanced multi-frequency network impedance measurement technology
    • LCD Display: Bright and clear display
    • High precision of apical foramen localization in wet and dry canals
    • Automatic calibration: Ensures stable and accurate measurements
    • Compact size and stable design allows for excellent flexibility during procedures
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  • E-connect Pro cordless endomotor E-connect Cordless Endomotor
    • Automatic Torque Calibration
    • Powerful 1500 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
    • Digital OLED Display
    • Integration Option
    • Low Noise Motor
    • Screen Cast / Mirroring
    • Ambidextrous Display
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  • Orikam Airotors Orikam Airotors

    Orikam Airotors

     3,900 18,000
    • J1 & J1 Plus Airotors- Patented Bur-Lock Technology Handpiece
    • J45 Airotors- 45° Degree Surgical Handpiece
    • J5 Airotors- LED Handpiece 2.0
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  • Sale!
    Neopure + Neoalgin Offer Neopure Offer | Neoendo | Orikam

    Neopure + Neoalgin Offer

    NEW LAUNCH OFFER Buy Neopure C-Silicone Starter Kit (Putty, Light Body & Catalyst Gel) and Neopure A-Silicone Kit (Putty & Light Body) and worth Rs. 5000 and get 3 packs of Neoalgin FREE Hurry! Limited period offer.
    • Neopure C-Silicone Starter Kit (Putty, Light Body & Catalyst Gel)
    • Neopure A-Silicone Kit (Putty & Light Body)
    • Neoalgin

    Offer Till Stock Last

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  • Curing Pen- 4 LEDs Curing Light
    Curing Pen- Light Cure Device 
    • 3 Curing Option: Ramp, Pulse, Caries Detection Mode
      • Caries detection mode: 600mw/cm2
      • Working light intensity 1000 mw/cm², 1500 mw/cm², 2300 mw/cm²
    • 4 LEDs curing light- 3 Blue, 1 Violet
    • Wavelength range: 385-515 nm
    • 360 rotatable head
    • Wide digital display
    • Consistent light output
    • Light Weighted: 109 gm
    • Ergonomic design: Dimensions 24*21*230(mm)
    • Strong battery: >1200 times (Test Parameters - 3s at max intensity)
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  • AirPex - Wireless Apex Locator | World's Smallest Apex Locator | Orikam AirPex- Mini Apex Locator
    AirPex- World's smallest apex locator
    • 15  gm & 4.8 *2.8*1.6 cm only
    • Latest generation miniature apex locator
    • Wireless charging
    • Eliminates cables- connects directly onto patient's mouth via lip clip
    • Multiple silicone sleeve color options
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  • Ultra-X – Cordless Ultrasonic Activation Device
    Ultra X works at 45 kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilize the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas (≥35%) of the complex canal system. It can be applied to
    • disrupt the smear layer and open up the plugged tubules
    • amplify the efficiency of irrigants
    • GP removal
    • broken instrument retrieval
    The device comes with 6 tips (2 Silver, 2 Blue, 2 Gold)
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  • E-xtreme | Cordless Endomotor | Orikam E-xtreme- Light-weight Cordless Endomotor
    E-xtreme Cordless Endomotor - The Smaller, lighter & quieter cordless device that you have been waiting for. Model: E-xtreme Weight: 100 gram Torque range: 0.5 Ncm-4.0 Ncm Power supply: 100 V-240 V Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz Speed: Upto 650 rpm Output: DC 5 V/ 1 A
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  • 3D Printer

     35,000 65,000

    ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro mSLA Resin 3D Printer with 4K Mono LCD

    Main Features:
    • [4K Monochrome LCD] 6.6-inch 4K monochrome LCD screen with a replaceable anti-scratch tempered glass with 9H hardness for a better light transmittance at 4098 x 2560 high resolution, protecting the screen while restoring model details to the greatest extent.
    • [Powerful COB Light Source] Upgraded free-form surface COB lens consists of 36 highly integrated UV LED lights, paired with Fresnel lens to deliver an even beam of 405nm wavelength with 92% light uniformity for a more smooth surface finish and incredible printing quality.
    • 【Large Build Volume】With a large build volume of 143.43×89.6×175mm (5.647×3.52×6.8 inches), you can print one large model or undergo batch printing in a single job, which saves your time and greatly improves your productivity.
    • [Designed for Reliability]Non-slip hexagon socket leveling screws work with the sandblasted oxide surface build plate for stronger adhesion and more stable printing. PFA release liner with less release tension for a higher printing success rate.
    • [Better Printing Experience]The air purifier with a built-in active carbon filter to effectively absorb and filter the resin odor and pungent fumes, giving you a fresh printing experience. Copper heat tubes and a powerful cooling fan with faster heat transfer and better cooling efficiency, extending the life span of 3D printer.

    ELEGOO Saturn 2 Resin 3D Printer with 10'' 8K Mono LCD

    Main Features:
    • 【10" 8K Monochrome LCD】  ELEGOO Saturn 2 adopts a 10-inch 8K mono LCD screen with an HD resolution of 7680x4320 and an ultra-fine XY resolution of 28.5 microns, outputting outstandingly detailed 3D models with a cure time of only 1-3s per layer. The scratch-resistant tempered glass above the LCD screen with 9H hardness for better light transmission and protection.
    • 【43% Larger than Saturn's Printing Volume】With a build volume of 219x123x250mm / 8.62x4.84x9.84 inch and a 10” large mono LCD screen make the prototype size larger and the curing efficiency higher, you can print one larger model or multiple smaller models in a single batch.
    • 【Fresnel Collimating Light Source】Fresnel collimating light source consists of 48 highly integrated UV LED lights that work with FCL system Fresnel lens to emit a uniform light beam of 405nm wavelength, excellent printing accuracy, and a more smooth surface finish.
    • 【Reliable Printing Performance】The Z-axis is designed with dual linear rails and non-slip hexagon socket leveling screws for ultra-steady & accurate movement and remarkable printing performance. The sandblasted surface build plate provides much stronger adherence, and PFA release liner with easier model removal and less release tension.
    • 【Odor-free Printing Environment】The air filtration system with an activated carbon filter can absorb most of the resin odor, creating an odor-free fresh printing environment. Double heat-conducting copper heat tubes with faster heat transfer and better heat dissipation efficiency prolong the service life of 3D printers
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