NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor

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NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor

  • What makes NanoPix the best intraoral sensor out there?
    • The thinnest X-Ray sensor ever- 4.4mm
    • 1/10th cost per patient compared to film
    • 3s to complete image processing
    • 50,000+ exposures with no quality loss
    • 70,000+ bending tests passed
    • Automatic Exposure Detection
    • APS CMOS technology for high signal-to-noise ratio
    • User friendly 4 step software
    • True resolution of 20 lp/mm
    • AD conversion- 16 bit
    • IP68- highest water and dust protection rating
    • 5 year warranty (except physical damage) on sensor
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NanoPix- Intraoral X-ray Sensor

 Unique Design

  • Ergonomic design: Cupped cable connection ensures comfortable finger positioning
  • Robust cable connection
  • Ultra-thin body design: 4.4mm – The thinnest X-Ray sensor

Intraoral X-ray Sensor- Leading Technologies for The 1st Time in Dentistry

AED Technology

  • From chest radiography
    • Compatible with almost all DC & AC X-Ray generators
    • Digital images come automatically when your X-Ray is switched on

APS CMOS Technology

  • From aerospace industry
    • High signal-to-noise ratio with maximum details
    • Long life and low power consumption

Direct Deposition CSI Technology

  • From chest radiography
    • Low dose radiation for safety
    • Less exposure time but higher resolution

1/10 Cost per patient compared to film

3s To complete entire imaging process

Smart Software

  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Faster image acquisition & better-quality images
  • Optional image preference

Specifications of NanoPix- Intraoral X-ray Sensor

  NanoPix1 NanoPix2
Detector Technology APS CMOS APS CMOS
Scintillator Csl Csl
Pixel Matrix 1000*1500 1300*1800
Theoretical Resolution 25Ip/mm 25Ip/mm
True Resolution 20Ip/mm 20Ip/mm
Active Area (mm) 20*30 26*36
Mechanical Size (mm) 25.4*36.8*4.4 30.4*41.9*4.4
AD Conversion (bit) 16 16
Data Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Protection Ip68 IP68




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