Fast Pack Pro- Down Pack Device for 3D Obturation


Fast Pack – Down pack for 3D Obturation System

  • Temperature Settings– 90 to 250 degree Celsius (90, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220, 250, 300)
  • Time Settings– Auto cut-off time 3 to 10 seconds
  • Memory Programs– 5 Programs from T1 to T5
  • Internally Heated Tip
    • Only the working end of the tip is heated- avoids need for insulated sleeve
    • Non-working end is insulated from within and stays cool- making it comfortable for patients and also saves battery
    • Safety cap where the tip’s non-working end is plugged into the device-safer for you
  • Heating Time
    • 0.2 Seconds to 200 degree Celsius
    • 0.5 Seconds to 250 degree Celsius
    • Quick heating prevents damage to PDL
  • Cooling Time
    • 2 seconds
    • Swift cooling prevents GP coming along with heating tip
  • Battery
    • Replaceable Li-ion battery
    • 2 hours to complete charge
    • 15 minutes turbo-charge to 30%
    • 4 hours of continuous operation at 250 degree Celsius
    • 50 cases with single charge
    • Directly plug-in to electrical supply to operate with zero battery
  • Ergonomics- 360 degree start/stop ring, allows operation from any angle comfortable
  • Warranty- 1 year on device and charger


Fast Pack

Temperature Range

  • Wide temperature range of 90° to 250°
  • Five memory programs to customize the temperature and cut-off time as per obturation material used or any other intended use of the device

Internally Heated Tip

  • Only the working end (4 – 6 mm) of the tip is heated – avoids the need for insulating sleeves
  • The non-working end is insulated and stays cool avoiding soft tissue burn

Class-leading Controlled Heating

  • Fast heating- Quick heating prevents PDL damage
  • Swift cooling- Swift cooling ensures GP does not come along the heating tip

Experience Ergonomics

  • 360° start/stop ring allows holding the device in any angle comfortable for you
  • Left- right handed operation
  • Comfortable grip, light in weight

Powerful Battery

  • Highly efficient 2600 mAh Li-ion battery 15-minute turbo charge to 30% battery
  • Direct Plug & Play- In case of low battery, use the device directly with an adaptor

Specification Of Fast Pack

Heating Time 0.5 seconds for 250° C

0.2 seconds for 200° C

Cooling Time 2 seconds for cooling
Charging Time 2 hours to complete charge
Operating Time 4 hours of continuous operation at 250°C


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