REFLECTYS- Universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations

– Radiopaque
– Light-curable
– Highly realistic Saves time
– Low curing shrinkage
– Brilliant shine
– 17 shades available
– No postoperative sensitivity

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REFLECTYS- Universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations


Reflectys restorations for posterior teeth subject to significant chewing stresses as well as anterior teeth requiring highly aesthetic results.

  • Class I to V
  • Correcting shape and color
  • Teeth fractured by trauma
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth


  • Highly realistic: Perfect imitations of the natural tooth
  • Optimal resistance to abrasion, compression and flexure
  • No postoperative sensitivity
  • Invisible restoration: Perfect integration with the treated tooth. Imperceptible composite edges
  • Brilliant shine after polishing
    – Optimized composition: nano-reinforced microhybrid composite
  • Radiopaque
  • Material has excellent malleability: Ideal texture, does not stick to instruments or gloves, can be shaped easily, fast and easy polishing
  • Appropriate for use in simple cases and more complex clinical cases: Lamination is possible
  • Low curing shrinkage: Impeccable integrity of restoration edges
  • Light-curable
  • 17 shades available


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