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Buy Neopure C-Silicone Starter Kit (Putty, Light Body & Catalyst Gel) and Neopure A-Silicone Kit (Putty & Light Body) and worth Rs. 5000 and get 3 packs of Neoalgin FREE

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  • Neopure C-Silicone Starter Kit (Putty, Light Body & Catalyst Gel)
  • Neopure A-Silicone Kit (Putty & Light Body)
  • Neoalgin

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Neopure- A-silicone Impression Material


Neopure is a range of addition-cured (A-Silicone) vinyl polysiloxane impression materials. Look forward to high precision work owing to Neopure’s high hydrophilicity, great linear dimensional stability and excellent tear resistance.

High Hydrophilicity- Great impression details are a direct result of high hydrophilicity of A-Silicone. It flows easily and adapts well to different dental morphologies even under challenging moist conditions.

High Tear Strength- For a superior subgingival penetration and capturing micro-details makes it important that it has high tear strength.

Great Dimensional Stability- Because of great dimensional stability, Neopure impressions can be stored for up to 30 days. Also, cold sterilization doesn’t diminish its dimensional stability.

Tolerance to Errors- An error of the mixing ratio within 20% doesn’t affect Neopure putty’s characteristics.

Ideal Working Time- Neopure allows sufficient time for mixing and placing the impression material in the patient’s mouth. Also, it has thermally responsive properties that helps it to set faster once placed in patient’s mouth.

High-Performance Material- Neopure will help you capture the finest details of hard and soft oral tissues. Also, it doesn’t interfere with stone setting process unlike other materials or alginate. It’s thixotropic (viscosity) properties make it a no-drip formulation- which isn’t just great for material handling, but also crucial factor in patient comfort.

Neopure- A-silicone Impression Material Adapts to Multiple Impression Techniques

Use the Neopure Putty and Light Body for Single-step or Double-step techniques as per nature of work.

Neopure- A-silicone Impression Material Properties

Parameter Putty Light Body Bite Registration
Delivery System Manual Hand Mixing 1:1 Dispenser 1:1 Dispenser
Mixing Time 30 sec NA NA
Total Working Time 2 Min 2.15 Min 20 sec
Setting Time 3 Min 3.30 Min 45 sec
Shore A Hardness 63 53 89
Shelf Life 2 Yrs 2 Yrs 2 yrs
Color Base- GreenCatalyst- White Orange Blue


  • Putty : 1x 400gm Base, 1x 400gm Catalyst
  • Light Body : 2x 78gm Cartridge, 12 Mixing Tips, 12 Intra-oral Tips
  • Bite Registration : 2x 78gm Cartridge, 12 Mixing Tips, 12 Intra-oral Tips
  • Kit : 1x 400gm Base, 1x 400gm Catalyst, 2x 78gm Cartridge, 12 Mixing Tips, 12 Intra-oral Tips

Neopure C-Silicone Impression Material


Neopure C-Silicone is a range of Rubber Based condensation Impression Material. High viscosity condensation polysiloxare (base) is recommended for the two-phase technique (double step impression) in combination with Neopure C-Silicone Light Body.


  • Good flowability and rigidity
  • Good visibility- the color contrast of the putty & light body ensures better impression interpretation
  • High impression accuracy and precision
  • High tear strength- minimizes the risk of the impression tearing while removing from the patient’s mouth
  • Balance between the working and setting time
  • Biocompatible- allows to use safely on patients with damaged mucosa
  • High dimensional stability even after disinfection
  • Good final hardness- ensures accurate model
  • Pleasant taste- mint flavor & odor


  • Fixed and removable prostheses
  • Crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays
  • Complete dentures
Parameter Putty Light Body
ISO 4823 Type 0 Putty Consistency Type 3 Light Body Consistency
Mixing Time 30 sec 30 sec
Working Time 1 min 30 sec 1 min 30 sec
Time in Month 3 Min 3.30 Min
Setting Time 4 min 30 sec 5 min
Shore Hardness After 8Hrs 65 NA
Shore Hardness After 8Hrs 75 35
Shrinkage < 0.2% < 0.7%
Elastic Recovery < 98% < 99%
Detail Reproduction 20 m 20 m
Color Green Yellow


  • Putty- 1500gm
  • Catalyst- 70gm
  • Light Body Tube- 140gm


Neoalgin is a high-precision alginate impression material for detailed reproduction of dental impressions.


  • Colour change pattern: Non-chromatic (no colour change)
  • Sky blue colour
  • Spearmint flavor for high acceptance
  • Dust-free formulation
  • Thixotropic
  • Normal working and setting time
  • Simple and fast mixing without bubbles
  • Suitable for manual or automatic mixing
  • Safe disinfection


  • Removable prosthesis
  • Study models
  • Temporary crown & bridges impression
  • Antagonist models in the fixed and removable prosthesis


  • Elastic impression
  • Optimum dimensional stability
  • High precision for detailed reproduction of dental anatomy

Weight: 450gm
ISO Standard: ISO 1563:1990
Impression Count: 25 impressions
(based on 18gm needed for one impression for tray 2/3 or Medium tray size)

Key Specifications

  • Mixing Time 60 sec
  • Working Time 30 sec
  • Time in Mouth 60 sec
  • Total Working Time 2 min 30 sec

Note: Warm water and hard water accelerates the setting time Cold water retards the setting time.


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