IRS- Superior


“The Kit Every Dental Office Should Have!” This system is designed to assist in the removal of intra-canal obstructions such as file segments, carrier-based obturator, and silver points. The rugged yet simplistic design of the IRS® Superior Edition™ makes obstruction removal less challenging. Constructed from titanium and stainless steel and redesigned to ensure maximum “bite”, the IRS® Superior EditionTM is a must-have for those difficult to remove file segments and obstructions.

The IRS® Instrument Removal System is manufactured in the U.S.A. by San Diego Swiss. IRS® is a registered trademark of San Diego Swiss Machining, Inc. Superior Edition™ is a trademark of San Diego Swiss. Patent Number 6,227,855 and other patents pending.

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Features of IRS- Superior:

  • 4 sizes for all areas of the canal (ranging from .4mm to 1.3mm I.D.)
  • Geometrically descending sizes to accommodate canal anatomy
  • Simplistic 2 piece design
  • Constructed using Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • Cut-out window
  • “Tilt-Back” lumen feature
  • Rapid Taper titanium screw wedge
  • Color-coded Silicone Grip
  • Reverse Thread

Benefits of IRS- Superior:

  • “Tilt-Back” lumen feature insures the obstruction will “peek” out the window
  • Minimal obstruction exposure is needed. (1mm to 1.5mm maximum)
  • Reverse Thread assists in “unscrewing” wedged file segments
  • Small handle design for unobstructed vision
  • Knurled screw wedge handle for a sure grip
  • Strong instrument purchase
  • It May also be used as a carrier
  • No glue needed


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