ELEGOO 8K Water-washable Resin


ELEGOO 8K Water-washable Photopolymer Resin Space Grey 1000G

  • High Precision and Low Shrinkage
  • Safe to Use
  • Low Viscosity and Good Fluidity
  • Bright and Stunning Colors
  • Wide Applications
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ELEGOO 8K Water-washable Photopolymer Resin Space Grey 1000G

  • High Precision and Low Shrinkage- Our research team conducts widespread researchs and tests to verify the low volume shrinkage and high accuracy of the 8K water-washable resins during the photocuring before releasing them to the public. Excellent dimension tolerance and low shrinkage ensure high-precision printed models with incredibly smooth surface finishes, fine details, and accurate dimensions.
  • Safe to Use- Water washable, low odor, low skin irritation, no expensive IPA required, just rinse with tap water or soak for a short time to clean your 3D prints. Be safer to use, and improve your efficiency and save your budget by reducing the post-processing time.
  • Low Viscosity and Good Fluidity- With good fluidity, the resin can quickly reflow to the area between model and release film, which improves the printing success rate and reduces printing time. Meanwhile, it is easier to clean the resin vat and release the model from FEP film due to its low viscosity.
  • Bright and Stunning Colors- With high quality pigments and photo-initiators inside 8K water-washable resin, the models printed with ELEGOO 8K water-washable photopolymer resin have a very pure and stunning color effect, just like an artwork.
  • Wide Applications- Specially designed for Saturn 2 8K LCD 3D printers, combine the ELEGOO 8K water-washable photopolymer resin with Saturn 2, you’ll see smoother surface and clearer details than ever before. Widely suitable for precision model printing and complex prototyping with most DLP/LCD 3D printers.


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