Project Description

Ultra X – Ultrasonic Activation

Ultra X works at 45,000 kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilize the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas (≥35%) of the complex root canal system. It can be applied endodontically to

  • disrupt the smear layer and biofilm and open up the plugged dentinal tubules
  • removal of gross dentinal tubules
  • amplify the efficiency of irrigants

Usage Protocol

1. Prepare the root canal to desired taper
2. Use a side-vented needle to inject the final rinse solution into the canal
3. Cover the device with protective sleeve to avoid surface damages
4. Select an activator tip that fits passively when placed 2-3 mm short of working length
5. Agitate the solution using short vertical strokes for around 30 seconds. Be careful to not breach the apical 2 mm
6. Replenish the irrigant and use suction to remove loose debris
7. Repeat the agitation and replenishment cycle for 4-5 times

The wrench, protective sleeves and tips are autoclavable