Project Description


Neoprobe – First instrument to explore the canal

  • Neoprobe’s minimal taper at 1% helps to perform intermediate steps in calcified or curved canal
  • ISO Sizes : 012
  • Square cross-section
  • Length : 21, 25 mm
  • Packaging : x 6
  • Length : 21 & 25 mm
  • Ability to detect curvatures during initial probing
  • Provides excellent tactile sensation
  • Aids in negotiating blocks and calcifications due to its flexibility
  • Low potential for file separation

When a #12 1% file is removed from the canal, the file has an impression of the canal; thereby guiding the operator to the curvatures present in the canal (not possible with NiTi hand files)

Neoprobe Usage protocol:
In severely narrow canals start with watch winding motion to remove initial dentin, followed by vertical in and out motion with 1 mm amplitude.
Gradually increase the amplitude as dentin wall wears away and file advances apically.

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