Project Description

Neolix Neoniti

  • [/fusion_youtube]
  • EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) Files
  • One Single File for Complete Root Canal Treatment
  • High Resistance to Fracture
  • High Cutting Efficiency
  • Efficient Removal of Debris
  • Anti-screwing Effect
  • Suitable for Complex and J-shape & S-shape Canals
  • Possible Pre-curving in Case of Difficult Canal Access
  • Appropriate for Endodontic Treatment & Re-treatment
  • Respects Canal Anatomy (No Transportation)
  • Complete Curretage Till Apex


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Recommended Usage

Speed 350-500 RPM | Torque 1.5 NCm

The Canal

Gutta Percha: Size 25 | Taper 6%

Further Information

Please refer to Instruction Manual