Project Description

Neoendo Retreatment Files

  • N1- 30/09 For Coronal One-third
  • N2- 25/08 For Middle One-third
  • N3- 20/07 For Apical One-third
  • Speed: 350 RPM  |  Torque: 1.5NCm
  • Usage Protocol- Prepare the access cavity and locate the canal orifice. Remove Gutta Percha from coronal part using hand files. If required, fill the chamber with gutta percha solvent to soften it. Follow the crown down sequence for effective removal of obturation material.
    • Step 1- After initial removal of obturation material from orifice, use N1 file to remove gutta percha from coronal one-third to achieve straight line access.
    • Step 2- Use the N2 file to remove gutta percha from middle one-third
    • Step-3- Use the N3 file to remove gutta percha from apical one-third. For complicated apical anatomy always use hand files to remove.
  • Use Retreatment Files with gentle touch, never force the file and always use the recommended speed and torque setting. Use the file in circumferential filing motion.
  • Always clean the files in between and inspect for any deformation.
  • Use until all the gutta percha is removed from the canal.
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