Project Description

Max Piezo Scalers

Max Piezo 6

– Frequency- 28 kHz ±3 kHz
– 3 Treatment Modes (General, Perio, Endo)
– Power fine-tuning (1 to 10) within each mode
– Energy concentrated at tip’s end for powerful cavitation
– Automatic adjustment to optimal frequency to give an excellent tactile feel to you and painless experience to patient
– Ergonomic touch panel- easy & hygienic operation
– Hand piece- Encapsulation technology makes it lighter and longer lasting
– 5 year Warranty on PCB and 1 year on applicable on all the parts (excluding physical damage)
– Includes 3 tips

Max Piezo 6 +

Max Piezo 6+ is an LED upgrade on Max Piezo 6. Multiple LED around the head deliver natural daylight-quality light. All other details remain same.

Max Piezo 7 +

Max Piezo 7 + is an upgrade on Max Piezo 6 + with a 600 ml water tank and a meter to control water pressure. All other details remain same.

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