Project Description

Locapex Five

  • [/fusion_youtube]
  • The two 1.5-metre medical cords are equipped with a labial electrode and an electrode in contact with the file ; the set is autoclavable at 134°C.
  • With only one start / stop button, operation is immediate, and completely automatic without any adjustment or calibration.
  • Thanks to its bio frequency measurement and its calculation microprocessor, the display indicates with high precision the apical distance.
  • The approach zones are identified by differently coloured luminous indicators and a progressive audible beep signal (adjustable) informs the practitioner about the file’s advancement in the canal.
  • Two AA batteries (LR06) provide a 180-hour autonomy.
  • The Locapex Five is equipped with a wear indicator and a battery economiser (Automatic stop after 5 minutes).
  • Operates perfectly in dry and wet media : pulp, saliva, blood, pus, sodium hypochlorite, water, hydrogen peroxide, sodium chloride,  etc.
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